Leader- Dunestar- small tan she-cat with green eyes

Deputy- Wildspirit- dark gray she-cat with light gray underbelly- tail is black with light gray on the tip- light gray paws and ears, one twisted paw- dark green eyes that are black in the moonlight

Medicine cat- Moonshine- black she-cat with white chest and paws and bright blue eyes-

Medicine Cat Apprentice- Smallfoot- light gray tabby tom with amber eyes and one paw missing


Ivypaw- small tabby and white she-cat with amber eyes

Starpaw- golden tabby she-cat with blazing green eyes and a twisted paw and a black tail and paws

Moonpaw- white she-cat with light gray strips along her back- black eyes with specks of gold and green

Sunpaw- dark gray tom with golden splotch on his forehead shaped like a sun- light green eyes


Shadeheart- fluffy black tom with blue eyes and gray paws

Moonflower- white she-cat with green eyes and gray splotches down her back

Shellnose- tabby tom with yellow eyes and black stripes

Mintleaf- light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes and black stripes

Pebblestorm- light gray she-cat with brown speckles and one green eye and one yellow eye

Flowersong- black and white she-cat with amber eyes

Rowanwhisker- red tabby tom with green eyes

Featherfern- gray tom with blue eyes

Cindertail- dark gray tom with amber eyes


Quailfeather- gray tabby tom with warm yellow eyes

Sootfur- dark gray she-cat with blue eyes and white splotches