Leader- Driftstar- light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes and brown stripes

Deputy- Blossomwhisker- orange tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white underbelly

Medicine Cat- Flowerdapple- dark brown dappled she-cat- blind in one eye

Medicine Cat Apprentice- Lakepaw- tabby she-cat with startling blue eyes and orange circles under her eyes


Specklepaw- speckled gray tom with black ears

Mistpaw- black she-cat with green eyes

Sparrowpaw- black and white tom with blue eyes


Puddlebreeze- brown tom with green eyes and white splotches

Whitetail- white she-cat with amber eyes

Whisperdust- mute black she-cat with bright blue eyes

Cloudgorse- white tom with yellow eyes

Sootwing- dark gray tabby tom with green eyes

Rainwhisker- light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Roseleaf- orange she-cat with amber eyes

Nighthawk- black she-cat with gray speckles and blazing yellow eyes

Otterspots- brown tom with blue eyes

Fleetwhisker- gray tabby tom with green eyes and black paws

Wolftooth- dark gray she-cat with purple-blue eyes and black rings around her tail


Russetspeck- red she-cat with yellow eyes mother to-

Applekit- orange tabby tom with amber eyes,

Heronkit- brown she-cat with amber eyes


Echofeather- black and white she- cat with one blue eye and one green eye

Grayfire- gray and orange tom with yellow eyes